legal clause


  1. Personal data disclosed within the course of cooperation shall be subject to legal protection provided for under provisions of the regulation 2016/679 (EU)
  2. The entity which transfers the personal data shall be the Personal Data Administrator as defined by Article 4, item 7 of the regulation 2016/679 (EU).
  3. The entity to which the personal data are transferred i.e. the employer, the contractor, to loader, the unloader, the carrier, the party to the contract, the successive carrier, the insurer etc. shall be considered the recipient of personal data as defined by Article 4 item 9 of the regulation 2016/679 (EU).
  4. For purposes of the contract/service/order* implementation, the following personal data shall be provided:
    1. Name and surname*
    2. Phone number*
    3. Kind and number of ID document*

  1. Data mentioned in item 4 may be processed only for purposes of the contract/service/order* implementation and they cannot be used in the future for other purposes, unless such use results from the EU law or/and national law with respect to personal data processing.
  2. Data mentioned in item 4 are of confidential nature and they constitute the Data Administrator’s business secret.
  3. The Contractor/Carrier/Party to Contract/Transport Participant* which is provided with data shall take up any measures to protect the data and shall use the data only for the purpose for which they were originally transferred thereto; in case of the intention of using the data for other purpose, a separate written consent should be obtained.
  4. In case if personal data transferred are no longer necessary to the entity which they were transferred to, in particular upon the completion (performance) of the contract/service/order, the personal data should be permanently removed, unless this is contrary to the legal obligation.
  5. Any unauthorized disclosure of personal data, as a result of acts or omissions of the personal data recipient, should be reported and described in detail to the Personal Data Administrator not later than within 72 hours from the occurrence of such circumstances. The Personal Data Administrator shall be entitled to request the Personal Data recipient to provide further clarifications, if this is necessary for determination of the scope of the breach of regulations on personal data protection and the necessity of taking up remedial measures. Information mentioned in the preceding sentence shall be provided by the personal data recipient within a reasonable time limit, not later than within 48 hours from receipt of the request to provide additional information. If, as a result of unauthorized disclosure of personal data, the person whom the data relate to incurs material damage, the personal data recipient shall be subject to full liability for unauthorized disclosure of such data on general terms.
  6. The personal data recipient shall be entitled to subsequently transfer personal data, should that result from the necessity to provide the service, in accordance with the provisions of Article 6 letter f of the regulation 2016/679 (EU).
  7. Subsequent processing of personal data shall take place on general terms defined by the provisions of the regulation 2016/679 (EU), which the personal data recipient shall be obliged to instruct the subsequent personal data recipient in detail.
  8. Personal data processing clauses included herein shall apply irrespective of whether the master agreement connected with the personal data processing comes into effect, if despite the fact that the agreement does not come into effect, personal data have already been transferred.
  9. Any amendments relating to the personal data protection terms and conditions shall be made in writing under pain of nullity.